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Hossam Alaa.

Content Creator

I am Hossam Alaa, 20 years old from Egypt, creator of YouTube content for Android emulators on the computer, I love everything related to computer science, founder of Al-Mubdaa Tech, and I love creating websites and blogs. By virtue of my work on YouTube, I learned many programs specialized in video editing and photo editing, and I learned the basics of creating websites, and I studied many areas of work on the Internet and online business in general. I study engineering at the Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Sohag.


One Million Arab Coders

I received the training of one million Arab programmers in the first version of it from the Dubai Future Foundation, in the section of developing user interfaces, and obtained a certificate of completion of training

SIC ( AI )

Samsung Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cooperation with Life Makers Foundation

Samsung Innovation Campus

Samsung Innovation Campus is a grant provided by Samsung in cooperation with Life Makers in Egypt, to teach young people the basics of programming.

Create content for YouTube

Owner of the "Hossam Alaa" channel on YouTube, which specializes in Android simulators on the computer, thank God I was able to reach 100K subscribers and it continues, God willing.

Android Emulators

The Android Emulators website is the first site to include all Android emulators with direct links to download them and links from the emulators’ official websites

Creative Tech

Al-Mubdaa Tech is a site specialized in downloading games and emulators, thank God I was able to access the site to get about half a million customers per month.

My Works:

موقع محاكيات الأندرويد


محاكيات الأندرويد

موقع محاكيات الأندرويد الموقع العربي الأول والوحيد المتخصص في محاكيات الأندرويد وكل ما يخص المحاكيات 

محاكيات الأندرويد

موقع ببجي بالعربي

ببجي بالعربي

موقع ببجي بالعربي التابع لقناة جيمينغ بالعربي علي يوتيوب 


موقع المبدع تك

المبدع تك

موقع المبدع تك ُهو موقع متخصص في تحميل الألعاب والمحاكيات ، الحمد لله استطعت الوصول بالموقع للحصول علي حوالي نصف مليون ذائر شهريا تقريبا. 


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